Assessment and Certifications

Certificate & Diploma

Assessment and Certifications

Students have the option of receiving Zion College of Fashion & Textile Design Certificate or Diploma after fulfilling the requirements, attending all the classes, doing all the assignments, submitting practical projects and passing exams.

A Zion College certificate is a mark of exceptional distinction in hard and soft skills. Our certificates are the end result of wholesome, extensive and rigorous learning process that equips the student to launch a successful career in the fashion industry.

Apart from Zion College of Fashion and Textile Design Certificate, We also prepare and facilitate students to register and sit for the Kenya National Examination Council (KNEC) Certificate. Each student is required to pay appropriate examination fee to KNEC when ready to sit for exams.

  • All the Courses are skill-based and hands-on.
  • At the end of each course a trainee is expected to have a practical outcome in fashion design.

Visit the College or call for more details. 0722 523 798 or 0795 889 802.

Training Programmes & Requirements

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